Changes Coming to the Temporary Graduate 485 Visa

In a recent announcement, the Department of Home Affairs has outlined significant updates to the Temporary Graduate 485 visa, impacting prospective applicants. Effective June 24, 2024, the Department will cease accepting applications for the Temporary Graduate 485 visa under its current framework.


Applications submitted prior to June 24, 2024, will continue to be processed according to the existing requirements, offering a window for those intending to apply under the current regulations to do so.


From July 1, 2024, a new phase will commence with the introduction of the Post-Vocational Education Work Visa (Subclass 485). Applications submitted after this date will be evaluated under the revised criteria set forth for the new visa subclass.


For individuals seeking further details or guidance regarding these changes, comprehensive information can be accessed through the Department of Home Affairs website, ensuring clarity and accessibility for all concerned parties.


Stay informed and prepared for these upcoming changes to make informed decisions regarding your visa application process.