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Sponsorship Visas For Employers In Melbourne

Employer Sponsorship Visas - Pathway to Permanent Residence in Australia
The Employer Sponsorship Visa (ENS) is a pathway to obtain permanent residency for sponsored employees. It offers a higher skill level than the subclass 482 visa, making it an attractive option for skilled workers seeking long-term residence in Australia.
The visa process involves two key steps:

First, the employer must nominate the skilled overseas worker, and then the worker can proceed with the visa application. The nomination can fall under one of the following streams:

1. Temporary Residence Transition Stream
2. Direct Entry Stream
3. Labor Agreement Stream

This visa grants permanent residency to skilled workers who wish to work in regional and Australia-wide locations. It allows the visa holder to live and work in Australia under one of the mentioned streams. The application can be made from within or outside Australia, but onshore applicants must hold a valid visa at the time of application.

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