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The team at Vision Consultants comprises well-trained counselors who deeply understand the educational and migration needs of students. We take great pride in our knowledge of the entry requirements for various educational programs, including TAFE, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Professional Year programs, working closely with education providers.

With the expertise of our Migration Agents (MARA approved MARN: 0959879 & 1686482), we invest the necessary time to fully comprehend our clients’ unique circumstances and provide them with the best migration advice and assistance during the lodgment process.

Our success stems from our extensive experience, meticulous attention to detail in handling documentation, ensuring it is accurate, certified, and up-to-date. Our ultimate aim is to alleviate the pressure from our clients, delivering a positive and successful outcome in their migration journey.

We, at Vision Consultants, a leading Migration Agent & Education Consultant in Australia, are dedicated to providing our clients with the best available information and accurate advice on the ever-evolving landscape. Our high standards in consultation and migration services make the journey of migration and visa processes less burdensome. Our competitive fees and personalized services align students with courses that suit their budget.


Our team of experienced consultants specializes in guiding students towards suitable institutions. Some of our counselors have personal experience studying and transitioning in Australia, providing valuable insights.

We prioritize engaging with our clients to comprehend their aspirations and desired field or industry for future employment. By thoroughly assessing their academic achievements from both Australian and offshore institutions, we can recommend the best courses available. Our ultimate goal is to place students in programs and institutions that align perfectly with their academic abilities, ensuring successful graduation outcomes.


Following consultation and support, our team will handle the submission of necessary application forms and supporting documents, including academic performance records, English proficiency requirements, and any other relevant information. We work closely with the institutions to secure your Letter of Offer. In some cases, the offer may be conditional, requiring you to meet specific requirements before a full Letter of Offer is issued. Once the Letter of Offer (or Conditional Offer) is obtained, our team will assist you in lodging your student visa application with the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA), along with all the required documents.

Upon accepting the Letter of Offer, you will be required to complete and submit an Acceptance form, along with tuition payment and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) arrangements. Your institution will then issue an eCOE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment), which is a crucial document bearing a unique COE Number linked to your student visa application. This information will be reported to the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA).

The institution will keep you informed regarding start dates, orientation, and other relevant details to ensure you have a smooth and successful academic beginning. Our goal is to provide you with the best induction and kickstart to your academic journey.


The visa application document submission can often be the most perplexing aspect of the process. Having all the correct documents is vital, and if needed, we offer support in preparing our clients for interviews, if requested by the department. Rest assured, our experienced team will leverage their expertise to guide you towards the best possible outcomes.

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