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Student Visa Subclass
500 in Melbourne,

Study in Australia and open the doors of opportunities to the future !

The student visa subclass 500 allows international students to study in their respective courses of study. Studying in Australia is worth looking for, and you can stay for up to five years on your study visa in Australia. You can apply for admission in an Australian institution registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). A student should be aged a minimum of 6 years and less than 50 years.

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A student visa enables you to
  • Undertake a course of study aligning with your interest and prospects.
  • Bring family members to Australia as your accompanying member
  • Process application online
Requirements for Study Visa application in Australia

Before you apply for a study visa in Australia, you must meet the requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs. You can also apply for different programs at a time as a pathway leading to a main course of study. The good thing is that due to the simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) policy of the Department of Home Affairs, it is now easy to apply for a visa online and track the record of your application.

Before you apply, make sure that you meet the standard admission requirements of reputed universities/Institutes in Australia. You can also discuss your profile with Migration Agents at Vision Consultants Australia. Our team of experienced counselors will be available to give you a free counseling session.

For your convenience, we are aligning the standard admission requirements for Student Visa Subclass-500 as follows:

  1. Should be 6 years and less than 17 years old to apply for the 9th standard. Subsequently 18 years old for years 10, 19 years for years 11, and 20 years for high school.
  2. Select a suitable CRICOS education provider and apply for admission. As you get admitted, apply for the Confirmation of Enrollment. Include all Confirmation of Enrollments for the courses you intend to study with your visa application.
  3. If you are under 18 years, provide consent of your legal guardian and evidence of welfare arrangements. Nominate your guardian above 21 years of age and your guardian should be applying for a student guardian (subclass TU-590) visa at the same time.
  4. You might require presenting the evidence that you meet English language requirements.
  5. You (and your accompanying members-if any) must hold adequate health insurance covering the period of your stay in Australia. Your Health Insurance must be effective from the date you arrive in Australia.
  6. Must not hold any of the visas from subclass 426, subclass 403, subclass 995, subclass 995, subclass 771, and subclass 600 in the Sponsored Family stream or the Approved Destination Status stream while you are onshore. There may be some other obligations related to this. You can meet or contact expert Education counselors and Migration Agents based in Melbourne for professional advice.
  7. Supporting Statement for your intensions as a Genuine Temporary Entrant
  8. Evidence that you have mandatory financials to support your stay in Australia covering your one-year tuition fee, one-year living expense, and traveling fare.

To find out the Step by Step procedure of student visa and adequate finances to support your studies, you can request a call back at Vision Consultants.

Know your Student Visa Conditions

As a student, you should understand the Visa conditions of Subclass 500. Usually, your visa grant letter includes these conditions but, while you are applying for a student visa, you should be aware of them as your GTE supporting statement must reflect your knowledge of this visa.

Here are a few of the main conditions that you must know:

  • Must remain enrolled full-time in a CRICOS registered education provider
  • Must maintain 80% attendance and course progress
  • Must notify the Department of Home Affairs and your Course provider for the change of address within seven days
  • Must maintain Overseas Health Insurance Cover for the entire duration of stay in Australia
  • You are only allowed to work part-time i.e. 20 hours per week. However, during the semester break and scheduled holidays, you can work full time.
  • You cannot downgrade your qualification level respective to your current educational level in case you have to apply for a new visa.

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